Technical Bureau

The accountants and fiscal advice market characterises itself as one that is strongly subject to national and international social-economical, political and financial developments. The non stop flow of regulations has a big effect on the set up and formation of organisations and the way in which quality of services to clients need to be guaranteed.

Matters in the area of audit, governance and tax, demand more and more thorough analysis and accurate deliberation. Not only is legislation becoming more complex, there is also a market that since recent is characterised by mandatory licensing. These developments consequently have their effect on the Dutch small and medium-sized firms, the segment in the market where Nexia Nederland mainly has its focus on.

The Technical Bureau functions as a centre of knowledge for the accountants and tax advisors of Nexia Nederland in order to give their clients top level service.

The Bureau carefully monitors the development in the areas of accountancy and tax advice and has an advisory rol for all offices of Nexia Nederland. It also performs a coordinating role in trainings and permanent education.

Vincent Roelink


V.J.M. (Vincent) Roelink RA
Manager Bureau Vaktechniek Accountancy
T: +31 (0)53 850 4900



Lucia Sangster


mr. L.M.J. (Lucia) Sangster
Manager Bureau Vaktechniek Fiscaal
T: +31 (0)314 37 48 00

Technical Bureau